Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Web Series Wednesday

Bougie Dilemma

"BOUGIE DILEMMA" a web series about a deluded optimist with a serious case of Bougie Dilemma. The series follows the ups and downs of a deluded optimist in Hollywood whose "reach for the stars" tastes struggle against her "down to earth" budget. Throw in some romantic misadventures of trying to find something "real" in the LaLa town of "make-believe" and you have one sista with some major “Bougie Dilemma.”

Created by : Nadège August
Directed by : Kent Faulcon
Animation : Sean Geer- Harrison
Music Composition: Abby Travis
Stars: Nadège August, Leith Burke, Anissa Borrego, Heidi Schultz, Abbe Meryl Feder, Laura Liguori, Thomas Wright

Reflections on African American Studies with Dr. Cathy J. Cohen

"All that stuff I just talked about—the homogeneity of these institutions—the only way they’re changed, it’s not because people wake up one morning [and say,] “Oh, we’ll change!” It’s because people outside those institutions demand a change. So you want to be committed [to] that kind of politicized work. So, for me, I want to do my job and I want to do it well, but I am interested in seeing institutions transform for the better and oftentimes that takes some pushing from the outside. That’s probably why I teach social movements, because that’s my theory of change for institutions like the University of Chicago." -- Dr. Cathy J. Cohen in conversation with Joy Crane at

JILLIAN’S PEAK is a true story about Jillian Thomas, a African American woman in conflict. A successful photographer and wife from Detroit, she disrupts the picture-perfect All-American dream that she has been encouraged to live. She determines to fully live her life as it was meant to be, to understand what will truly make her happy, and to explore her constant questioning of her relationship with her husband Keith. But mainly she seeks to explore her hidden nagging feeling of “Am I a Lesbian?” Jillian pursues her truth in New York. She lives with Gail, her best friend from college, a self-assured lesbian who challenges Jillian’s ideas and beliefs about herself and her life.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bits of Undigested 김치

Today, I have a new article at The Daily Beast about the closing of La Lunchonette, a small restaurant in Chelsea.

It's a great little place that I pass every day on my way to work.

As they are closing up shop this weekend and cleaning up, I went by the place to check it out.

There was a very cool basement that I would give my right arm to explore. The entrance is through a trap door below the bar.

Mysterious cellar door of mystery
Melva Max and Jean-François Fraysse own the place. I talked to Melva, but I met Jean-François in person when I went by the place during the cleanup. We had some nice chats.

As much as I passed by the place, and always wanted to go to their Accordion Nights, I only ate lunch there once. A month before they closed. I had a bowl of French Onion Soup and a cup of coffee.

I didn't really go for the food. I just wanted to sit there a while. Knowing the place was about to close.

The very first day I worked at The Daily Beast, I walked from Penn Station straight down to 18th Street and stood outside La Lunchonette because of the a sign that said "Accordion Show" (If you know me, you know I love accordions, concertinas, bagpipes... pretty much any instrument that whines when squeezed).

It was the the summer time and hot. I had just come from my other job at a Home Depot and I had done my best to wipe the warehouse grime off my filthy self before I had to go sit in an office and pretend to be normal sauce.

So I stopped in the little alley between a building and a parking lot where a man had set up a little shelter. I still smoked cigarettes at the time, so I bummed him one and we both smoked while I cooled off and put on a clean, collared shirt.

He was rousted out not too long after that. Now I rarely see anyone living outside in the neighborhood.

When I mentioned The Daily Beast, Melva said she knew at least two regulars from the place who would come in all the time. She didn't quite mention their names, but by her description I knew it was Mme. D______, whom I know well and adore, and M. V________, whom I also know well but have never met face to face (I worked remotely and we only ever emailed).

Magical Vanishing Snow
It also snowed this morning, with a decent amount of accumulation piling up before noon. It looked so fluffy and pretty. Then the sun came out, the weather went back to crazy warm, and the snow was all gone in a literal hour. It would have been more depressing if it weren't so warm.

A very busy, but in all a nice day. The kind of day where you feel present and responsible and with it.

Then you come home and realize you left the door unlocked all day so all your illusions of responsibility and resourcefulness are passing phantoms, bits of undigested 김치.


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