Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Reading

The Feminisms of ‘Born in Flames’
by Heather Brown
What is the role of difference in feminism? When in doubt, ask Audre Lorde.  In 1980, she delivered a lecture entitled “Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference” (later published in Sister Outsider) in which she states, “There is a pretense to homogeneity of experience covered by the word sisterhood that does not in fact exist.” It’s no coincidence to me that three years later Lizzie Borden would direct Born in Flames, a film that depicts a collection of different feminist voices all aligned in a common goal of resisting what bell hooks terms the white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy.
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Domestic Abuse: Not Caught on Camera
by Rubab Zaidi
She woke up next to him every morning with a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach, dreading what the day would bring. He would wake up every morning making every effort to not even look in her direction. She’d watch him with his back towards her and wonder what she had done wrong. It was always the same. There was no reason and yet, there was always a reason. There was always a reason for him to be mad at her or to belittle her or to try and deny her existence entirely. Nothing was ever good enough, everything she did was wrong. But why… what did she do wrong? Why couldn’t anyone just give her the damned answer, one reason, one explanation, anything to make her understand what it was. But no answer ever came and it never would. Eventually she realised that it wasn’t her, and to this day she doesn’t know what it was that made her think that, where  she got the strength, the determination. But it was the fear, fear for her life and fear of losing her baby. That fear made her walk out of there and never look back. But what if she hadn’t been pregnant, would she still have walked out? It’s something she dares not think about.
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On Negative Self-Talk
Every time I tell you that I’m so stupid, I’m a failure, everything is my fault and so on and so forth forever into eternity, you must think that what I’m really doing is asking a question, namely: Do you agree that these things are true?
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Lisbeth's Body and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The reason why all of us are all befuddled about Lisbeth Salander (played by Noomi Rapace in the Swedish movie and Rooney Mara in the American) is deceptively simple. Basically, she appears to be the feminist, kickass heroine of a book/movie series where she fights against institutionalized racism, sexism, and the abuse of power. She's a vigilante for women in need, a cyberpunk savior. So in that sense, she's everything we've been waiting for. 
But she is also defined primarily through her relationship with the much more milquetoast Mikael Blomkvist, a reporter who happens to be hired on to investigate a cold case. Mikael, who is played by Michael Nyqvist (Swedish films) and Daniel Craig (American film), is a nice guy, but not actually all that interesting in and of himself. He's a moderately attractive, middle-aged, decently intelligent reporter whose one solid attribute is his ability to find trouble.

by Farai Mudzingwa
When I say, to a black person, “that place” or “that person” is racist, they know what I mean. The same statement to a white person requires qualification. It has to be quantified and placed in context. It has to “make sense”. I have to justify how I feel and convince them my feelings are valid. If I fail, well … 
I have always struggled to explain to a white person how a particular place is racist – and these are liberal, well-meaning white people. The discussion over what I find racist about Cape Town or Durban in South Africa is always laced with hints of “but you did not live through the apartheid atrocities” or “but you do not live in the township.” 
Once again, measurable evidence of this racism is required.

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