Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Reading

Teen pop fandom: an adolescent rebellion
by Bridget Coulter
It is curious that during adolescence - a period fraught with contradictions and constraints - teen girls often engage in intense pop fandom (the term 'fandom' refers to the state of being a fan and the behaviour of fans). Stereotypically, female pop fans scream, faint and mob their favourite stars in the street. They also openly desire their heartthrobs, doing everything they can to get close to them. It would appear that fan behaviour provides a socially-sanctioned break from the pressure to be perfect and allows girls the opportunity to engage in 'unfeminine' behaviour.
Read More at The F Word

Thanksgiving is the Expression of the Colonizer, Then and Now
by Danny Haiphong
At this stage of history, most people outside of the US know that the dominant narrative of Thanksgiving is a pack of lies. But in the US, this is not the case. White supremacy and imperialism shape all aspects of life, making Thanksgiving day a politically useful tool for the ruling system. Every November, the ruling class greases its misinformation machine to erase its history of genocide and colonialism from historical memory in place of the myth of white benevolence. President Lincoln started the process by making Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 to revive white racial solidarity in the midst of the Civil War that threatened to tear apart the nation. Ever since, white America and broad sections of the oppressed have sat down to a meal once a year to "celebrate" the supposedly peaceful dinner between the Wampanoags of New England and the English settlers in 1621. 
Read More at Black Agenda Report

Tropes vs. Princes: Sexism-in-Drag in Modern Disney Princess Films
by Brigit McCone
Since the Disney Princess film is almost as male-dominated as video games (Frozen‘s Jennifer Lee was the first female director of a Disney feature), this appears less a genuine reversal than a clumsy “sexism-in-drag” aimed at empowering young girls. But it offers a golden opportunity for female viewers to interrogate our response: do these tropes empower us when reversed? Do we recognize them as sexist? Would they still be dehumanizing if applied equally to male and female characters?
Read More at Bitch Flicks

Pathologizing Trans Identities: Beyond the DSM
by Barbie
As one of our readers helpfully pointed out in reply to Kate’s awesome post and the resulting discussion on the future of feminism, there has been some question about whether or not being trans is still considered to be a mental disorder by the DSM.  In the DSM 5, the current version of the diagnostic and statistical manual that mental health clinicians use in the United States and elsewhere to diagnose their patients, the answer is no, though understanding why requires understanding DSM diagnostic procedures beyond the main criteria.  However, the updated diagnosis, now re-named “Gender dysphoria,” is not without its problems.  And unfortunately, the institutional pathologizing of Trans people and identities does not end with the DSM.
Read More at Disrupting Dinner Parties

Obama and his Ferguson Problem
by Ajamu Baraka
Facebook in particular became a forum in which the fissures of race colored how people saw the decision and the interpretation of the reactions from the community. So while many legitimately criticize the sometimes endless, and what they would claim are irrelevant “Facebook battles,” I fine that medium a valuable instrument for assessing shifting opinions and perceptions of the public on various topics. And judging by the amount of time that many “special interests” groups spend on social media to shape public perception and opinion, I don’t think paying attention to this medium is a waste of time.

Darren Jackson - MIDWESTSIDE ft. Chris Grindz

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