Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Reading

Why I Don’t Go to Church, or the Radical Potential of Catholicism
by David Sessions
In this remarkable column, a Catholic priest from Maryland interviewed 50 young adults whose names are on the roll of his parish about why they don’t go to church. As he notes with commendable honesty, their answers revealed deep alienation from Catholicism; they are not ignorant about the church’s teaching as much as they simply disagree with it. The church’s positions on gender equality, homosexuality and birth control are top turnoffs, along with complaints about the service—too much sitting and standing, not enough modern music—and a more general sense that the church doesn’t “get” modern life.
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Why I Stopped Laughing at Rape Jokes
by Heina Dadabhoy 
Reading arguments against that style of rape joke helped, but so did reading arguments in favor of it. What struck me about the pro-rape joke arguments is that they tended to be generic Freeze Peach arguments rather than anything addressing any actual concerns about rape jokes. No one of note was seriously arguing that comedians should not be legally permitted to make rape jokes, yet pro-rape joke arguments almost invariably hinged on “freedom of speech” without addressing anything else.
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David Duke Again Takes Advantage Of Media Airtime To Lie And Mislead
by David Neiwert
And as usually occurs when Duke gets airtime, he parlayed the interview into an opportunity to propagandize and sell both his twisted worldview and his books. Most of all, Duke performed his specialty, which is to sell outright falsehoods and self-serving distortions.
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Wednesday Blogging: My Anti-Bucket List
by Jenny Trout
I haven’t Wednesday blogged in a long time, because I’m lazy. But also, because I have all sorts of other stuff I like to do on the blog (like update links pages…which never, ever happens. Not ever), a lot of which I’d like to do on the weekly. When I found out this week that  the topic is “your anti-bucket list” I was like, “Bitch, what is an anti-bucket list?” And Bronwyn Green was like, “It’s a list of things you don’t want to do before you die.” I immediately thought of about five thousand really grim things, like “experience surgical awareness,” “get cancer,” or “have one of my kids die.” And then Bronwyn was like, “Cool your jets, it doesn’t have to be like that.” And I thought of some much better ones that aren’t, you know. Common fears.
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Arkansas Gun Range Discriminates Against Muslims and Brown People
Jan Morgan is the owner of the Gun Cave, an indoor gun range in Hot Springs, Arkansas; she also describes herself on her website as “a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative… Republican/Tea Party/Libertarian, and other Conservative based organizations nationally”. 
In 2014, she made news for declaring that she wanted her business to be a “Muslim Free Zone”. In that article, she wrote that her reasons for instituting a blanket discrimination policy against any patron of Islamic faith are that: 1) “The Koran… contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam”; 2) Morgan alleges she has received death threats from unnamed Muslims for linking Qur’an passages; and 3) terrorist extremists such as ISIS and Al Qaeda include Muslim members.
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The Charlie Hebdo White Power Rally in Paris: A Celebration of Western Hypocrisy
by Ajamu Baraka
I have witnessed the spectacle of Eurocentric arrogance many times over my long years of struggle and resistance to colonial/capitalist domination and dehumanization. The grotesque, 21st Century version of the “white man’s burden,” which asserts that the international community (meaning the West) has a moral and legal “responsibility to protect,” is one current example; the generalized acceptance by many in the West that their governments have a right to wage permanent war against the global “others” to maintain international order is another.

Everything Wrong With National Treasure Book Of Secrets

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