Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Reading

Addicted To Prescription Drugs: How America’s Medication Adverts Sold My Soul To Big Pharma 
by Katie S
 I would like to be known as the pharmaceutical industry’s Official Worst Nightmare. Why, you ask?  Because as I am typing I can feel tiny popping sensations in my brain, cleverly called “brain zaps” in the medical community.  Breathing is an effort.  My heart is desperately trying to escape my chest.  That’s not an attempt at a meaningful, poetic statement.  I mean my chest is literally pounding up and down, as if my heart is going to break through my ribcage.
Read More at The Vagenda

Who Protects Us From You?: Everyday Police Violence and Abuse
by Amy Ongiri
The first interaction I can remember having with the police happened when I was five or six years old.  My father, a tough and fearless African immigrant who made me feel completely safe whenever I was with him, was pulled over by the police while we were driving on the highway. I don’t remember why or anything specific preceding the sirens, so it was probably for speeding. I remember this incident so clearly because I was shocked to see this father of mine, a giant to me and seemingly afraid of nothing, very visibly frightened.  He was a teacher. A man of high character with a strong standing in our community; wherever we went he commanded respect. I was shocked by how the cop spoke to him because I had never seen anyone speak to my father in such a disrespectful manner and just lurking beneath that disrespect was a very palpable and menacing threat.
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

Bad Sex
by EG
I’ve mentioned in the past, I think, an impatience with what I have experienced as sex-positive feminists being unwilling to discuss negative experiences of sex, to dismiss them as not having “full consent” and therefore not being really sex, or something of that nature.  Sometimes I can feel quite alone in having had many experiences of sex that were really very bad.  And no, they weren’t rape.  They were experiences to which I fully and freely consented.  They were also experiences that were horrible, in some cases traumatic–but with one exception, I really don’t think they were rape (the exception I try not to think about).  I do think they are heavily inflected and dependent on a misogynist culture that keeps women from trusting themselves, feeling good about themselves, feeling good about their bodies, feeling confidence.  And maybe men have experiences like these too?  And just don’t talk about them?  I honestly don’t know.
Read More at Feministe

Cliff Huxtable is the Fantasy. Bill Cosby is the Reality.
by Aya de Leon
For the Black community, this is part of a strategy to rise above our subjugated past through the politics of respectability. This ideology dictates that Black women should get into a middle class or upwardly mobile heterosexual marriage and that will lead to the good life. Anyone who acts otherwise is considered not only to be making poor choices for herself, but to be bringing the whole community down. Adherents to the politics of respectability consistently pressure women to take on these roles and target any women who don’t conform: to have sex outside of a committed heterosexual relationship, to be queer, to be a sex worker are all threats to this respectability. To come forward as having been victimized by a pillar of the community is equally threatening; Respectability advocates will viciously defend anyone who represents this dream of success. Instead of listening to the women who say, over and over, that he abused them, Cosby’s defenders reposition him as the victim.
Read More at Bitch Media

Think of the Children! Tuesday: Maniac Magee and Reconciliation
by Deborah Pless
So what is Maniac Magee all about? Well, race relations for one thing. Also homelessness, child neglect, emotional abuse, starvation and suicidal ideation, death, and other super fun topics. And yet, for all this, it is a really fun book to read, and surprisingly quick. I got through it in about two hours, and it's not like I was weeping my way along.

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