Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday Reading

Everything You Know About History Is Wrong
by Eleanor Dickens
In 1167 a sixty-five year old woman died in Rouen. She left behind a son on the English throne – which she had been instrumental in securing for him – and in so doing established the Plantagenet house that would rule England for nearly three hundred years. She would also remain for another four hundred years the first and only woman to be Queen of England in her own right. Among her long list of bad-ass accomplishments she once escaped a siege by dressing in a white cape and simply walking out through the snow and the hundreds of troops surrounding her castle. Her name was Empress Matilda; Queen, astute politician, opinionated and intelligent – but her epitaph at Rouen Cathedral? “Great by Birth, Greater by Marriage, Greatest in her Offspring: Here lies Matilda, the daughter, wife, and mother of Henry” – effectively eliminating her personal history and leaving her simply a daughter, wife and mother. But as it goes, she’s actually lucky to have a memorial at all.
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Pass the Milk- In Defense of “Hardcore” Gaming
by Wendi Sierra
I’d ask you to do a quick google image search for the phrase “hardcore gamer”, but if you’re familiar with gaming at all you don’t need to. Heck, you probably wouldn’t need to even if you weren’t very familiar with gaming, because everyone knows what a hardcore gamer looks like- a disheveled young white dude (using “dude” in the truest sense of the word here) playing games in a dirty room looking angry. Two weeks ago Jennifer wrote a great post looking at the stereotypes and judgments often made about casual gaming. I completely agree that the arbitrary dismissal of casual games/gamers is a problem, but I’d argue that the way we think about what it means to be a hardcore gamer is part of the same problem: values judgements about games and gamers.
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Excellence As a Survival Strategy for Black Women in Academia
by Dellea K. Copeland
I am a 22-year-old queer womyn of color, first generation college graduate, first generation American. I wear my afro like it’s 1969. I speak openly about patriarchy and racism. On my desk, you will find an American flag that says “Black Lives Matter”, inspirational book of quotes by Black womyn, and even a copy of Essence magazine. My desk is the first thing you see when you walk into the office. Make no mistake – a Black womyn lives here.
Read More at Conditionally Accepted

Fifty Shades of Nope: Being Fetishized As A Person of Color in Kink
by Vianca Masucci
All of America is in a buzz about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. And why not? Next to coal, sexual frustration is America’s most abundant natural resource. The release of the movie has pulled sexuality out of the shadows and placed it at the forefront of all conversation. This is all very exciting, in more ways than one! Examinations of the difference between loving kink relationships that are founded in choice, trust, and mutual pleasure and the abusive relationship that is portrayed in Fifty Shades have illuminated the important distinctions between abuse and safe, sane, and consensual acts of unconventional love. Namely, stalking and financial manipulation (even at the hands of the  rich, powerful and debatebly sexy but undebatably privileged Christian Grey) is creepy abusive behavior that is separate from the  intimate, affectionate practice of BDSM. #ByeChristianGrey #gohangwithFelicia
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

Queer Passing Straight
by Sasha Garwood
In Sheffield, though, where boy lives and I spend the other half of my time, it's a rather different story. It's not that there aren't queer and interesting people in Sheffield - I know a few, although few is woefully appropriate in comparison to my extensive London networks. It's not even that the terms 'queer' and 'interesting' of necessity overlap. It's more that the boy's social circles (such as they are, he's a hermit) and physical environment (suburbia, and work full of older men) assume heterosexuality as a matter of course, and so this vast chunk of my context sort of...doesn't even notice something that down south I've built my life around. It's...difficult. It feels like invisibility a lot of the time, however much I shout on the internet about it. And don't even get me started on the kind of casual misogyny that gets bandied around up here like it's funny, in ways I struggle to imagine happening in my London circles without a backlash of fire and brimstone.
Read More at The F Word

THE STRUGGLE Season 1 Ep. 5 "The Contagious"

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