Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Reading

How Slavery Gave Capitalism Its Start
by Eric Herschthal
The closing of the African slave trade in 1807 posed a major challenge to slavery’s expansion. Yet it wasn’t a challenge that creative entrepreneurs could not overcome. Schermerhorn shows how one slave trader, Austin Woolfolk, turned this setback into an opportunity, becoming extraordinarily rich in the process. Based in Baltimore, Woolfolk saw that slaveholders in Maryland and bordering states were desperate to get rid of excess slaves. He also knew that would-be planters in the lower South—Louisiana, especially—were hungry for them. But sellers and buyers had no way of communicating with each other; there was no Craigslist.
Read More at The Daily Beast

Remnants of the British Black Panther's Lost Legacy
Photos by Bruno Bayley
After the Black Panther Party filled the vacuum left by the death of prominent human rights activists like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, the movement's successes inspired others to create their own chapter. In the UK, The British Black Panthers, rather than being politically driven like its US counterpart, aimed for social change within its communities. But due to its brief four-year tenure as London’s resident countercultural grassroots movement, the movement was largely undocumented.
Read More at Vice

Live Below the Line
by Miss South
I really don’t like the campaign and thus won’t be taking part, this year or anything other year. I’ve spent the last 15 years working toward not having to count every penny I spend on food and I find it upsetting to be asked to go back to it even for a day or two. I think at best, the campaign is feelgood charity and at worst, it’s poverty tourism. I think you’d be better to be more engaged with the issues for another 360 days of the year and donate the cost of a coffee or muffin every day or every other day than do the 5 day challenge. That’s not say that individuals don’t do fantastic things with it, but that I dislike the tone of the campaign itself.
Read More at North South Food

Will the new African Centres for Disease Control really be an African CDC?
by Anna K. Mwaba
In 2013, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone were hit with the worst global public health crisis in their respective histories. The Ebola epidemic was a national and regional crisis. The international community rallied, despite numerous issues, to raise funds and send technical support to tackle this monumental challenge. The African Union sought a lead role in the assistance process, which led to the 1st Meeting of African Ministers of Health in Luanda, Angola in April 2014, where it was agreed that they would establish an African Center for Disease Control. On April 13, 2015, this commitment became a reality with a landmark agreement signed by the African Union and the U.S. Department of State. With this Memorandum of Cooperation, the United States committed to supporting the AU in the creation of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Africa and “provide expert technical help to support a surveillance and response unit and an emergency operations center as well as provide fellowships for African epidemiologists who will provide their services to the new center in Addis Ababa”.
Read More at Africa is a Country

The Female Streamer’s Dilemma
by Sarah Nixon
The very first time I tried my hand at streaming I was hit on. I had just returned from GameStop with my just-purchased gaming headset – I had never really seen the need for one before as I rarely game online – and was a bit giddy to get started and start building up my cred on Twitch. The session began as expected of a first time streamer: I would gain a viewer or two but then one would disappear and I would feel compelled to apologize vehemently for broadcasting what was essentially me grinding to achieve the game’s Platinum trophy rather than any sort of real or exciting gameplay. The stream was fairly quiet for a bit and I tried to fill the dead air with chatter about what I thought of the game until a user came in and began chatting with me. The conversations began casually enough, but it wasn’t long before it became clear that he was interested in more than just conversation related to the game. He was not-so-subtly flirting, or at least flirting as best one can do via an Internet chat. He complimented my voice, he laid on the excessive flattery, and did it all in that persistent yet oblivious way that seems to always happen with one-sided flirting. At one point my fiancee, who was watching the stream, laughed at how hard the guy was trying.
Read More at Not Your Mama's Gamer

Jonathan Mendoza - "Eggs" (CUPSI 2015)

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