Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Reading

Causing a Scene: Neoliberal Urbanism and Spatial Production in Post-Recession New York City
by Jacob Ertel
The role of the state with regard to gentrification has oscillated between minimal and significant involvement since the 1970s. Before the onset of the global economic recession in 1973, cities were largely disinvested, as suburbanization-not gentrification-constituted the primary state policy of the post-war period. This often took the form of development subsidies for highways and tax breaks for corporations that facilitated the movement of industrial jobs to cities' peripheries. The effect was 'white flight' out of the urban core. Subsidized white suburbanization had dire consequences for those left behind in the city, with little recourse to a diminishing number of jobs in the light manufacturing industry and an increased reliance on social services that would soon undergo cutbacks or privatization. What gentrification did occur from the 1960s to 1973 was sporadic and isolated to small towns in the northeast. Hackworth and Smith refer to this period as gentrification's first-wave, in which "local and national governments sought to counteract the private-market economic decline of central city neighborhoods." In other words, because most urban spaces were bereft of capital compared to their suburban counterparts, reinvestment could only occur in conjunction with some form of state-provided insurance, as investors and developers were more hesitant to commit to disinvested areas.
Read More at The Hampton Institute

WATSONIAN: The Curious Case Of The Bugfucking Of Rik Mayall
by Brigit McCone
Dear Reader: What You Are About To Read Is An Imaginative, In-Universe (Or WATSONIAN) Explanation Of The Bugfucking of Rik Mayall Which (And This Is The Whole Point) You Can Only Be 98 Percent Sure Isn’t Literally True (And Around 80 Percent Sure Is Metaphorically True, Being Grounded In Extremely Rigorous Analysis Of Gender In The Self-Authored Work Of Mr. Mayall). Next Week: A Rigorous DOYLIST Evaluation Of The Power Of Unacknowledged Imaginative Frameworks To Fundamentally Limit Our Ability To Form Social Justice Alliances (that is, after all, based on the personal life philosophy of one of the most profoundly and hilariously emotionally crippled chauvinists ever to battle like a goddamn champion against the socialization of little girls to abandon their anarchic self-assertion. Because feminists, queer rights movements and Rik “only Real Men (TM) have the balls to wear a dress, bitches!” Mayall are all wildly unaware of their own oppressive tendencies, but morbidly interested in the oppressive tendencies of others, and have a tendency to cluster into giant, gaslighting and supremely patronizing coalitions against little girls who really, really, really liked Drop Dead Fred – that is why I will be anarchically asserting the concept of “Bugfuck” as a humorously self-aware site of revolutionary mental resistance, that recognizes the philosophical perspective of “becoming aware of your own thundering irony” as a revolutionary act in and of itself (as Mr. Mayall himself proposed through the genius characterization of “Rik the Accidentally Authoritarian Anarchist Snot And Wildly, Wildly Unpopular People’s Poet” within his sitcomical social justice bible The Young Ones).
Read More at Bitch Flicks

Frag On!: Frag Dolls and the State of Female Gamer Safe Spaces
by Samantha Blackmon and Ashley Barry
Last week saw the disbanding of the Frag Dolls, a group of female professional gamers that was formed in 2004 to demo and promote Ubisoft games as well as to participate in professional competitions (they became the first all-female clan to win a pro circuit tournament–CPL–in 2006). The first team of seven women were originally recruited via Craigslist and were hand chosen by Ubisoft by what seem to have been Western, heteronormative standards of beauty as well as their gaming skills. The original personal profiles for the women on the Frag Dolls site included sexy cartoon drawings of the women as well as a series of posed beauty shots (but none of them actually gaming). The vital statistics portion of the profile even listed basic physical characteristics ahead of the things that the women themselves seemed to be most proud of, their game and media favorites. This characterization carried frag_doll_dollsover into some of the more staged press photos with the team being portrayed as rebellious “children” wreaking havoc around a pink doll house.
Read More at Not Your Mama's Gamer

#LoveSerenaHateRacism A Discourse On Western Attitudes Towards Serena Williams
by Ahmed Olayinka Sule

“I could not believe what came out of his mouth…he said some awful things… and as an African American I’m not going to stand for it” she said as she approached the umpire pointing in the direction of a middle aged man sitting at the stadium. She continued, “I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I had to do a double take. I think I hit a double-fault on that point.” After sitting down, she put the towel on her laps and spoke on, “He was harassing me throughout the match, and I should have said something sooner. He was saying things he shouldn’t have and it was totally unethical. It was derogatory.”
Read More at Media Diversified

#27 The Fever
by Reply All
So a couple years ago, I interviewed this girl. Her name is Suzanne. She lives in San Francisco and she’d met this really cute guy on OkCupid. And everyone knows that when it comes to online dating people can be really non-committal, unwilling to settle down. But this guy she met, let’s call him John, right from the beginning, John was really warm.
Hear More at Gimlet Media

HIGHLIGHTS: Germany v. Côte d'Ivoire - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

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