Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Reading

The Burden of Carrying On: The Currency of Women in Dystopian Films
by BJ Colangelo
When I was 8 years old, I was given written permission from my parents to watch Titanic on VHS at my friend’s 10th birthday party. Loaded up on birthday cake, potato chips, and as much cherry Coke as I could stomach, I sat in awe as I watched the seemingly unsinkable ship crack in half and kill approximately 1,500 people. As the string quartet played their final notes, the main antagonist of the film (Billy Zane’s Cal Hockley) grabbed a stray child claiming her to be his daughter in order to secure himself a space on a lifeboat reserved for women and children. My friend’s mother was a feminist, liberal arts school college professor and upon watching this scene uttered: “Leave it to a man to manipulate the only system put in place where a woman’s life is actually given any sort of value.
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Beach Generation
by Beatrice Loft Schulz
The popular European low cost airline easyJet recently launched an ad campaign titled Generation easyJet. The ads use the rhetoric of flexibility, impulse, and fun to describe their brand of no-frills travel. “Happy, spinning, clapping, laughing, dancing, in the blackness of magic,” sings a cheery male voice while a montage of feet tap along. “Get it, have it, bag it, throw yourself on the aeroplane and fly like magic,” he continues, as various couples are reunited in a characterful yet unplaceable café.
Read More at The New Inquiry

In Germany, are some refugees more equal than others?
by Hanno Brankamp
Family gatherings can be a pleasant but occasionally dreadful experience. At one such dinner three weeks ago, my grandmother’s cousin complained to us about the, in her opinion, never-ending flow of refugees and asylum-seekers to Germany and, in particular, her local municipality. “It’s only a matter of time before these young men start raping our girls”, she declared shamelessly. “But, of course, I don’t mind Syrian families, they can stay here!”, she added apologetically. In Germany, this reveals a simple truth: all refugees are equal, but some refugees are more equal than others.
Read More at Africa Is a Country

A Snapshot of Imperialism's Crime of Homelessness: Why Boston's Homeless Crisis Deepens Despite City Plan to End It
by Danny Haiphong
In late June of 2014, I wrote about the crime of homelessness that millions of people experience everyday in the US. In the article, I explain how the growing problem of homelessness is a direct result of the crisis of imperialism and the rule of the rich. The city of Boston is a picture perfect example of the assault on workers and poor people taking place across the US. And just like all US cities in this period, the primary victims of this assault are Black. In July, Boston's political class released a plan to "end" homelessness by the year of 2018. This plan, seen by liberals as an affirmation of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's compassion for the homeless, is nothing but the same empty rhetoric that spews from the mouth of the local Democratic Party establishment.
Read More at Black Agenda Report

Anime 101: I’m Late for Anime School–An Introduction to Anime Tropes
by William Young
n almost every genre in anime there’s one stereotypical trope that has been around for decades, and that’s being late. Being late, as in being late to anime school — or, whatever, the character being late to their specific school. With toast still in their mouth our main character rushes to school, bumbling and fumbling on the way there. Now most would think that this is just something shows do just because they feel like it, which is the case sometimes, but actually there’s more. Welcome to Anime 101! Today’s lesson: “I’m Late for Anime School.”
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Luisa Omielan...Am I Right Ladies 2015

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Reading

The everyday terror of Islamophobia in America
by Sujay Kumar
When Tigani Mohamoud bought a fixer-upper house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he remembered an adage from Sudan: know your neighbors. He introduced himself.
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Nan-Hui Jo Released From Federal Custody | #StandWithNanHui
by Jenn Feng
Activists tell me that Nan-Hui Jo — the Korean survivor of domestic abuse who fled her abuser with her young daughter only to be arrested last year when she reentered the United States on a tourist visa and charged with child abduction — was released from federal detention pending possible deportation. After her first trial ended in a mistrial, Jo was convicted earlier this year and sentenced to time served, but was then immediately taken into ICE custody pending possible deportation.
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Why I’m Not Ready To Rule Out Suicide In the Case of Sandra Bland
by ray(nise) cange
I promised myself I wouldn’t watch the Sandra Bland video. I didn’t think my soul could handle it. I should have been more honest with myself when making that promise. I should have known that I would have to avoid Facebook because autoplay does not care about my mental health. I saw it playing and I clicked on it. And I heard a dialogue that made me weep.
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

How My Attitude Towards Sex Evolved
by Catstello
Is it weird that I enjoy growing up? Because I really do, even at this age. When the going gets tough, I surprise and inspire myself by continuing to grow as a person.
Read More at Zusterschap

The mouth of truth
by Mary Beard
One of the strangest highlights of modern Rome is the Bocca della Verità in the porch of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. It is in fact a very posh and large ancient manhole cover, which sometime in the middle ages acquired a myth -- that anyone who told a lie with their hand in its 'mouth' would get that hand bitten off.
Read More at A Don's Life

Ilja Aksionov - Greitkelyje (Official Video)

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Reading

The Assassination of Sandra Bland and the Struggle against State Repression
by Ajamu Baraka
During the struggle in South Africa black activists who were captured by the state had a strange habit of jumping to their deaths from the windows of jails and courthouses whenever the authorities would turn their backs. In the U.S. the method of suicide black prisoners appear to choose is death by hanging – that is, when they are unable to pull a gun from an officer and shoot themselves in the chest while handcuffed behind their backs.
Read More at Black Agenda Report

Homeless Reappearing (& Vanishing)
by Jeremiah Moss
There's been all this panicked talk recently about an increased visibility of homeless people. The neoliberal media is worried about a return to the city's "bad old days." Mayor de Blasio just sent a swarm of NYPD to guard Tompkins Square Park from the people who sleep in it. Again, there has been no recent spike in the homeless population--the massive increase happened under Bloomberg's stingy policies. They're just not getting hassled, dragged away, and imprisoned like they were under our previous two mayors. The homeless have always been with us.

by Tony McKenna
Nowadays the internet is awash with sites set up by “men’s rights activists” – sites which are known collectively as the “man-o-sphere”. Here the social frustrations of a traditional machismo go hand in hand with sexual ones. The standard, bilious ranting about “Femi-Nazis” and a culture which has been fatally undermined by “PC-propaganda” is accompanied by long screeds on how to reassert male dominance: “seduction seminars” that aim to provide frustrated, angry men with a sure fire set of procedures by which female targets can be tricked, manipulated, pressured or cajoled into sex.

by LaLa
Earlier this month, in the midst of the vast array of police brutality that has already claimed so many Black lives, Sandra Bland was pulled over while driving in Texas (on her way to her new job). She was supposedly stopped for failure to turn on her signal when changing lanes. Right.

by Monica Hunasikatti
Fujiberry Cosplay is amazing. Period. End of discussion. From her spectacular Yoko from Gurran Lagann to her Sailor Moon/Kill La Kill mash-up, she has certainly gained rightful recognition for her bold and colorful cosplays. She is also an inspiration to look up to when wanting to live a healthier, fitter lifestyle. I really admire her dedication to fitness and working out, despite the ridiculous amount of backlash a lot of women receive when trying to “pump iron” and get some Armstrong/FMA-type muscles. I had the opportunity to interview her, so please enjoy, and make sure to check out her Facebook and Instagram!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Reading

Wesley Clark Calls for Modern Day Incarceration Camps Styled After Those Used During WWII
by Jenn Feng
Retired US Army General Wesley Clark — who ran unsuccessfully to represent the Democratic party in the 2004 presidential primaries — said in an interview on Friday to MSNBC that he believes it is time for America to once more incarcerate its citizens in concentration camps, as the American government once did during World War II.
Read More at Reappropriate

What Misty Copeland’s Success Reveals About Race In The Arts
by Saskia G
Misty Copeland made history on June 30th when she was promoted within the  American Ballet Theatre, becoming the first African American ballerina to reach the rank of Principal Dancer and the second-ever black soloist in the traditionally white ballet company. Considering that almost all principal ballerinas around the world have historically been white, Copeland’s promotion is an immense achievement in an artistic tradition that still largely favors pale skin and extremely thin bodies.
Read More at The F Bomb

4 Things We Should All Teach Kids About Racism Right Now
by Mia McKenzie
For the past three years, ever since Trayvon Martin was murdered for walking while black and reports of unarmed black people being killed by cops and wanna-be cops have surged, leading to the Black Lives Matter movement and push-back from black communities all over the country, I’ve wondered how, and if, we’re ever going to beat anti-black racism. I don’t even mean eliminate it. I just mean…get a leg-up. Because sometimes it seems as if we’re getting nowhere, and getting there really fast.
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

Blade II: The Re-Watchening
by L.E.H. Light
For starters, I love Wesley Snipes. He was the first, perhaps only, darker-skinned brother sex symbol/action hero of my younger years. He was always smooth and classy. I’d have watched a Snipes movie any time, no questions asked, back in 2002 when Blade II came out. Second, looking at the cast and crew list for this movie is like a nerd dream casting list.
Read More at Black Nerd Problems

What Ellen Pao Tells Us About the State of the Internet
by Alex Layne
Ellen Pao, now titled as the *former* CEO of Reddit, has faced it all. Death threats, harassment, abuse– oh wait, that’s just the gender-focused hate she received. She also was and is the target of many incredibly racist memes and attacks. I will not link to the awful Chairman Pao memes, but if you’re interested in reading more about the vicious attacks Pao has faced for showing up in the tech world, having a vagina, and not being white, there is plenty out there. Pao has said the the vitriol she receives has made her “doubt humanity.” And certainly, who can blame her?
Read More at Not Your Mama's Gamer

Newark Will Be Site For Million People’s March Against Police Brutality

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Reading

The “After-Math”
by Jim Clingman
Now that the confederate flag has been taken down, complete with honor guard and pomp and circumstance, what are Black folks going to do now? Another question is, “what does the math of the aftermath look like?” Everything boils down to economics/business at some point, so let’s take a look at the past few weeks to see what has really taken place.
Read More at Blackonomic$

6 Ways To Keep (Queer) Sex On Fleek In Long-Term Monogamous Relationships
by Vianca Masucci
This month I have been tasked with answering the age-old question: how do you maintain a fulfilling sex life in a long-term monogamous relationship? The answer to this question has eluded (sexually) frustrated askers since the first unfortunate soul pieced it into conception. A quick google search will connect you to multiple vendors who can offer you the solution to lifelong sexual fulfilment for just $19.95. What a fucking bargain!
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

The Problem With Rainbow-Tinted Facebook Profile Pictures
by Sabrina N
In the wake of the historic Supreme Court decision to universally legalize same-sex marriage, 26 million Facebook users demonstrated their support by superimposing a rainbow-tinted flag over their profile pictures... On the one hand, this seemed like an inspiring indication of progress...But there’s a downside to this phenomenon, too. 
Read More at The F Bomb

The Fall of The Father in Black and White: Unwelcome Secrets of Cliff Huxtable and Atticus Finch Revealed
by Aya De Leon
In an unusual moment in media history, two damning pieces of evidence are finally revealed, and two towering paternal icons fall from grace at the same time. The publication of Harper Lee’s scathing book Go Set a Watchman, comes just after a judge’s decision to unseal testimony of Bill Cosby confession about drugging and raping women. While one reveals racism and the other reveals sexual violence, both have incited an avalanche of commentary from apologists, deniers, nitpickers, and minimizers, as well as much hand-wringing about lost legacies and rage that our collective nostalgia should be interrupted by inconvenient reality. While Finch and his transgressions are fictional, while Cosby and his crimes are real. However, both show the same dynamics at work in protecting abusers in our Father-Knows-Best culture.

There Is Probably Almost Never A Good Reason To Call Someone “Immature”
by Miri Mogilevsky
[I]s there ever a good reason to tell someone that they are “immature,” or to tell them to be more “mature”? Could calling someone “immature” generally be mean and manipulative at best, abusive at worst?
Read more at Brute Reason

One Year After Eric Garner's Death, His Family Still Demands Justice

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Reading

Why we need a women’s revolution in Somalia
by Yasmin Maydhane
Today my uncle sold his youngest daughter – a 16 year old – to the highest bidder (yes, I mean quite literally sold – whereby the father is approached by the would-be-husband and they negotiate a price – you can still sell girls here), the highest bidder being of a political background, with strong connections to international NGOs and a member of parliament. It should also be mentioned, that my uncle works for the government as well.
Read More at Media Diversified

Academic or Actual Bisexuality, Part I
Dr. J. Sumerau
I have identified as bisexual since the first time I heard the term at a political rally in the late 1990s. Although I have experienced bisexual attractions and sexual engagements for as long as I can remember, I will never forget the moment an intersex bisexual activist took the stage and provided a sexual definition and label that finally seemed to make sense in relation to my own experiences.
Read More at Conditionally Accepted


On Pluto and planethood: or, how science isn’t very good at classification
by Stavvers
As I write, New Horizons is within celestial spitting distance of Pluto. When the craft was launched in 2006, Pluto was a planet. It isn’t any more.
Read More at Another Angry Woman

Five Amazing Movies I Just Made Up to Repeat the Same Magic as ‘Spy’
by Katherine Murray 
McCarthy shines in Spy partly because Spy was built for her to shine in – that’s not to take anything away from her performance; movies are tailored to fit A-list stars all the time. Finding a great actor and creating the right role for them is just as valid a strategy as creating a great role and then finding the right actor. That said, watching Spy reminded me that there are other female actors I’d love to see starring in custom-built projects – these are the first five that come to mind.
Read More at Bitch Flicks

My SAR Experience (Told In Memes)
by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen
I recently had the opportunity to take a SAR – that is, a Sexual Attitude Reassessment. It’s generally a 10-12 hour-long workshop wherein an instructor guides the class through a series of sexual images and topics. The point is to prepare sexuality professionals (sex educators, counselors, and therapists) for all the varied sexual practices we’ll encounter out in the wild.
Read More at Sex Ed With Dr. Jeana

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy

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