Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Reading

The Burden of Carrying On: The Currency of Women in Dystopian Films
by BJ Colangelo
When I was 8 years old, I was given written permission from my parents to watch Titanic on VHS at my friend’s 10th birthday party. Loaded up on birthday cake, potato chips, and as much cherry Coke as I could stomach, I sat in awe as I watched the seemingly unsinkable ship crack in half and kill approximately 1,500 people. As the string quartet played their final notes, the main antagonist of the film (Billy Zane’s Cal Hockley) grabbed a stray child claiming her to be his daughter in order to secure himself a space on a lifeboat reserved for women and children. My friend’s mother was a feminist, liberal arts school college professor and upon watching this scene uttered: “Leave it to a man to manipulate the only system put in place where a woman’s life is actually given any sort of value.
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Beach Generation
by Beatrice Loft Schulz
The popular European low cost airline easyJet recently launched an ad campaign titled Generation easyJet. The ads use the rhetoric of flexibility, impulse, and fun to describe their brand of no-frills travel. “Happy, spinning, clapping, laughing, dancing, in the blackness of magic,” sings a cheery male voice while a montage of feet tap along. “Get it, have it, bag it, throw yourself on the aeroplane and fly like magic,” he continues, as various couples are reunited in a characterful yet unplaceable café.
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In Germany, are some refugees more equal than others?
by Hanno Brankamp
Family gatherings can be a pleasant but occasionally dreadful experience. At one such dinner three weeks ago, my grandmother’s cousin complained to us about the, in her opinion, never-ending flow of refugees and asylum-seekers to Germany and, in particular, her local municipality. “It’s only a matter of time before these young men start raping our girls”, she declared shamelessly. “But, of course, I don’t mind Syrian families, they can stay here!”, she added apologetically. In Germany, this reveals a simple truth: all refugees are equal, but some refugees are more equal than others.
Read More at Africa Is a Country

A Snapshot of Imperialism's Crime of Homelessness: Why Boston's Homeless Crisis Deepens Despite City Plan to End It
by Danny Haiphong
In late June of 2014, I wrote about the crime of homelessness that millions of people experience everyday in the US. In the article, I explain how the growing problem of homelessness is a direct result of the crisis of imperialism and the rule of the rich. The city of Boston is a picture perfect example of the assault on workers and poor people taking place across the US. And just like all US cities in this period, the primary victims of this assault are Black. In July, Boston's political class released a plan to "end" homelessness by the year of 2018. This plan, seen by liberals as an affirmation of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's compassion for the homeless, is nothing but the same empty rhetoric that spews from the mouth of the local Democratic Party establishment.
Read More at Black Agenda Report

Anime 101: I’m Late for Anime School–An Introduction to Anime Tropes
by William Young
n almost every genre in anime there’s one stereotypical trope that has been around for decades, and that’s being late. Being late, as in being late to anime school — or, whatever, the character being late to their specific school. With toast still in their mouth our main character rushes to school, bumbling and fumbling on the way there. Now most would think that this is just something shows do just because they feel like it, which is the case sometimes, but actually there’s more. Welcome to Anime 101! Today’s lesson: “I’m Late for Anime School.”
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Luisa Omielan...Am I Right Ladies 2015

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