Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Reading

Making Sure Berkeley’s “Riff Raff” Can’t Afford to Live Here Anymore: Thoughts on Being Without a Home in 5 Days
by Dr. Amie "Breeze" Harper
Let’s face it. Over the last five years, the Berkeley area has become ridiculously over-priced. Same with Oakland, Albany, and Kesington. Alameda and El Cerrito seem to be going that same direction. It’s nearly impossible to find something for working class to lower-middle class people that doesn’t put one into barely making ends meet. Those who locked in a place to rent, years ago, are not moving, in fear that the same type of housing would be 1.5 – 2x more expensive than what they are paying for now. Thankfully, Berkeley has rent control and excellent renter’s rights policies. We were in the same boat (low rent from years ago) until our landlords announced that they would be moving back to live in the house. Our place was a great find and we had planned to never leave.
Read More at The Sistah Vegan Project

Film Review - Grantham & Rose
by Trudy Hamilton
Grantham & Rose is an enjoyable film that I seriously did not understand until the very end. It is one of my Netflix picks this month that I mentioned in 3 New To Netflix Selections - August 2015. In the film, Rose (portrayed by veteran actress Marla Gibbs, of classic television shows such as The Jeffersons and 227) takes Grantham (portrayed by Jake T. Austin) on a road trip that is more than he bargains for. They meet via a program for “at-risk” boys that Rose volunteers at; Grantham is there because he acts out in response to the pain of years without his father (who passed away) and dealing with his mother who is sick with addiction. Grantham gets into a fight while at the program and can’t connect with his caseworker Erik (portrayed by Ryan Spahn); Rose steps in to help him.
Read More at Cinemacked

Cultural Appropriation: The Fashionable Face of Racism
by Chimene Suleyman
There is a painting in my parent’s house that my mother made. It is a self portrait; green eyes looking back between the black cloth of the headscarf painted around her face. It is a beautiful painting, carnal even. The assigned image on my phone for my father is a photograph taken from the same time as my mother’s painting. He sits straight, regal, the red chequered keffiyeh draped around his head. It was the 80s and we were living in Saudi Arabia. Their stories of this period in our life are as wild as they are affecting. My mother speaks of having to pretend to be my father’s “foreign” wife, denying her Turkish nationality so she would not be forced to fully comply with the strict rules assigned for Muslim women.
Read More at Media Diversified

Shishihokodan: The Destructive Female Gaze of YA Supernatural Action Romantic Comedy
By Brigit McCone 
YA Supernatural Action Romantic Comedy (SARCom) was created in 1987 by the manga artist Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2. Her mixture of kung-fu demon-of-the-week fights, romance and comedy, with a supernaturally strong heroine, dual shapeshifting supernaturally strong love interests and sarcastically quipping sidekicks, was then a completely unique format and rapidly became popular in the West and Japan. Takahashi’s creative control as visual and story artist (particularly after the success of the slapstick Urusei Yatsura) meant that the aesthetics of SARCom were shaped by the female gaze from the outset. Among its innovations, Ranma 1/2 introduces an Ice Prince/Wolf love rivalry between the hero Ranma and his rival Ryoga, a trope Takahashi would develop in her next SARCom Inuyasha. Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer popularized the SARCom in mainstream Western culture, developing its own Ice Prince/Wolf rivalry with the characters Angel and Spike. The Ice Prince/Wolf dynamic now dominates teen girl cinema, after Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight set a new record for commercially successful female directors.
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More Atheist Leaders Who Aren’t Dawkins or Harris: Lauren Lane
by Greta Christina
I am the co-founder and current Executive Director of Skepticon, the universe’s largest skeptic convention located annually in Springfield, MO. It is the mission of Skepticon to support, promote, and develop free-thought skeptic, and scientific communities through inclusive educational programming… which is just a fancy way of saying we all get together to share ideas, knowledge, and high fives. Skepticon is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by volunteer organizers — all the money we raise goes directly to funding the conference.
Read more at Greta Christina's Blog

Charlie Mom
by Jeremiah Moss
Charlie Mom Chinese restaurant has been in the Village since 1983. This coming Wednesday, August 26, will be its last day. 
Read More at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York

Cleo Ice Queen - Timi Mekoko ft. D-black & Dboy

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Reading

What Were You All Waiting For?
by Maggie McNeill
For years I have held the position that the cause of sex worker rights, as part of the whole fabric of recognition of the individual’s right to be unmolested by the state due to private sexual behavior, must inevitably succeed. 
Read More at The Honest Courtesan

Mind your business, Ohio legislature
by EG
I just went through a pregnancy for a much-wanted child. I endured morning sickness that lasted throughout the entire pregnancy. I became so short of breath that I had to stop and rest partway up the stairs in my own home. I dislocated a rib. My heartburn was so bad that I had to take two or three separate medications each day. I had a major placental abruption with a level of blood loss that the doctors termed “impressive,” and placental abruption carries risk to both mother and fetus. And if I want to go through that, that is my decision. And if I decide not to go through with that ever again, no matter what my reason is, that is also my decision.
Read More at Feministe

The Canadian Connection
by Norman (Otis) Richmond aka Jalali
Huey P. Newton was murdered 26 years ago in Oakland, California during the month of August. Because Black freedom fighters like George and Jonathan Jackson, Khatari Gaulden and others lost their lives during this month, revolutionaries inside the California prison system have deemed it Black August.
Read More at Black Bird Press News

"Anchor Babies" and The GOP’s Plantation Politics
By Sikivu Hutchinson
For the thousands of white folk who packed the stadium in Mobile, Alabama to hear Donald Trump this past Friday it must have seemed like old times. No PC dogwhistle limpness or vacillation, no pandering to “the minorities”; just straight talk, the kind of unvarnished alpha male nativism, Christian evangelicalism and white supremacy that rocketed the Tea Party into the mainstream in 2009.  Trump’s tirades on anchor babies and repealing the 14th amendment’s birthright citizenship clause have the GOP presidential campaign clown car in overdrive. As the rest of the field scrambles to double down on its racist appeal to red meat Middle America all people of color are targeted by this rhetoric of criminalization.
Read More at Black Fem Lens

"The Ritual": White America Does Not Forgive, Why Should Black People Always Be Expected To?
by Chauncey DeVega
On the one-year anniversary of the death of a 18-year-old black teenager named Michael Brown by a (now confessed racist) white police officer named Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, was asked if she forgave Darren Wilson for his cruel and wanton act of legal murder. She told Al Jazeera that she will “never forgive” Darren Wilson and that “he’s evil, his acts were devilish.”
Read More at Indomitable

Desireé Dallagiacomo - "Shave Me" (NPS 2015)

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Reading

ABWS: Angry Black Woman Syndrome
by Emunah Y’srael
What do Sandy Bland, Michelle Obama, the neighborhood ‘black’ girl and Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel Air all have in common? Surprise, they have all been labeled at some time in their life as an ‘Angry Black Woman.’
Read More at Zusterschap

“The Iranian Threat”: Who Is the Gravest Danger to World Peace? 
By Noam Chomsky
Throughout the world there is great relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5+1 nations, the five veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. Most of the world apparently shares the assessment of the U.S. Arms Control Association that “the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action establishes a strong and effective formula for blocking all of the pathways by which Iran could acquire material for nuclear weapons for more than a generation and a verification system to promptly detect and deter possible efforts by Iran to covertly pursue nuclear weapons that will last indefinitely.”
Read More at American Empire Project

Women Who Cook: Dismantling the Myth of the Bitch in the Kitchen
by Lilian Minon
To be a woman who dares overstep her place in the physical or the digital worlds is to be branded a target by men, men who wish to return to halcyon days: of women only seen (except when they shouldn’t be) but not heard, of apron-donning, of apple-cheeked ma’ams bowing to their every whim. For these men, food — or rather, feeding — is the second most important women’s work (with the first being to create/carry/raise the man’s children), and the domestic kitchen is the only place a woman should be when she isn’t tidying up the homestead or on her knees.
Read More at The Toast

Remebering Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
by William Young
So, I may have been wrong in an earlier review when I said Star Wars was one of the best book in Marvel‘s SW line. This is one of the best books in Marvel‘s entire arsenal. Whether it’s SW or Thor mythos, Jason Aaron is ridiculously adept at creating a unique yet familiar voice for your favorite character while carving out fresh aspects of existing lore. And the latest story arc in the flagship book for the SW universe is no exception.
Read More at Black Nerd Problems

Ashley Madison Users Mapped
by Keir Clarke
Malfideleco (Esperanto for infidelity) is a global map showing the number of Ashley Madison users around the world... Flashpoint, the web security specialists, have released a static map which they say visualizes a heat map of  "individuals accessing a data dump allegedly stolen from AshleyMadison.com"... Interworks has created a United States map of Ashley Madison Users by ZIP Code.
Read More at Google Maps Mania

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - Crazy Party Night ~ぱんぷきんの逆襲~,Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-Crazy Party Night-Pumpkins Strike Back-

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Reading

Haiti: An Occupation in Blackface
by Dr. Jemima Pierre
July 28, 2015 marked the one hundredth anniversary of the landing of US Marines in Haiti and the beginning of a military occupation of the Black Republic that lasted nineteen years. With its massacres of Haitian peasants, its control of Haiti’s finances, its suppression of the Haitian press, and its dissolution of the Haitian legislature – all backed by a combination of Jim Crow ideology and Monroe Doctrine exceptionalism – the occupation represents a searing annotation in the history of Haitian sovereignty. Yet the memory of the US occupation sits awkwardly in the context of the Haitian present, where a new occupation is currently in its eleventh year, begging the question posed by The Public Archive (@public_archive) on twitter, “How do you memorialize occupation in the middle of occupation?”
Read More at Black Agenda Report

Still Empty
by Jeremiah Moss
It's depressing to walk home to the East Village and see the old St. Mark's Bookshop space still empty after they were forced to move by a rent hike. I try not to walk by there anymore.
Read More at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York

Zen & the Art of Soul Repair
by Zainab Chaudary
Just before they take her away for her MRI, my mother removes her rings and asks me to wear them. They won’t allow metal in the room, and she gets four of her rings off easily, but there’s a set of three that are stuck. She frets with them as the orderly situates her in her stretcher.
Read More at Love, InshAllah

Removing Shame from the Dance Classroom
by Jeana Jorgensen, Ph.D.
The first point of overlap is that when we’re talking about shame, we can discuss not only what it is and how it feels, but also how it looks on the physical body. Glickman defines shame as the sense that one is a bad person, and that shaming oneself or others is often destructive, but it can also lead to positive outcomes, such as giving one an incentive to not do certain unhealthy things again. Yet the discussion of shame can go much deeper than emotion & reaction; we can also talk about the physical behaviors that embody shame.
Read More at JeanaJorgensen.com

#WeAerAllVegans: That Awkward Moment When the Vegan Society Shared ‘100 Black Vegans’…
by Aph Ko
In my head I thought: how much more powerful and paradigm-shifting would her article have been if she simply introduced the world to black vegan activists who were doing ground-breaking work like Dr. Breeze Harper who actually created a conference specifically focusing on veganism and #blacklivesmatter?
Read More at Aphro-ism

Candy Barr

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Reading

6 Ways Critics Of Political Correctness Have It Backwards
By J.F. Sargent
This is something I hear a lot these days -- sometimes it's angry bloggers complaining about "Social Justice Warriors" or "SJWs," sometimes it's Bill Maher, and sometimes it's even actual human beings with real thoughts and feelings. So I dug into some of the "PC Suckz00rz" arguments and quickly realized that not only are they wrong, they're exactly wrong, which is sort of impressive.
Read More at Cracked

7 Hilarious Lies and Truths About Sex That Every College Kid Should Know
by Vianca Masucci
After a hoard of hillbillies flooded Target’s social media pages with their hate speech in response to the company’s decision to remove gender branding from their toy aisles, I decided that it was time to pay Target a visit. In solidarity, of course. As I entered the store—making sure to look away from the capitalist thirst trap that is the 1-3$ section—I saw a garden of 79$ mini-fridges and those colorful multi-head lamps that always seem cool until they start melting and droplets of plastic magma burn through your hands. This sale could only signify one thing: college time! I couldn’t help but reflect on my own college years…and all of the fucking fumbles, the sex stumbles, and the cunt calamities that salted my college years came to the forefront of my thoughts immediately. WHY DO AWKWARD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

The Chef Shortage, Explained
by by Sam Kanson-Benanav
I am a professional restaurant person – cook, manager, server, and bartender (on nights when a bartender doesn’t show up). As a recent Washington Post article highlights: it has become increasingly more difficult for kitchens to staff their teams with proper talent. We could ponder a litany of reasons why talented cooks are not flocking to the kitchens, but if you prefer to stop reading now, just reference Mathbabe’s entirely accurate post on labor shortages. 
Or, we could just pay cooks more. As it turns out, money is a very effective motivator, but restaurants employ two cannibalizing labor models based on fundamentally contrasting motivators: tipping and wages. I’ll take these on separately.
Read More at MathBabe

If 43% of young people aren’t straight or gay, why do only 2% identify as bi?
by stavvers
A YouGov poll was published the other day which revealed that 43% of 18-24 year olds don’t identify as completely straight, or completely gay, with pretty substantial chunks of other generations also being somewhere in the middle on the Kinsey scale (a third of 25-39 year olds identify this way; heck, even 21% of 60+ year olds don’t identify as exclusively straight or gay). Nowhere in the reporting did it mention how many people identified as bisexuals, preferring to focus on heteros and gay and lesbian people.
Read More at Another Angry Woman

Being 23 Made Me Want a Boyfriend, And I Hate That
by Sophie Vickers
I’ve never been someone who needs a boyfriend, or wants one, particularly. Some people will no doubt think I say that to cover up my own, desperate craving for/inability to find a partner, but it’s not true.
Read More at Zusterschap Collective

Elgar Cello Concerto - Jamal Aliyev

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Reading

Why Am I Really Wearing This Dress?: On Clothing and the Pressure to Be Feminine
by Kendra Dawsey
Gendered clothing is a huge facet of our society. It was only in the past hundred years that a woman wearing pants was considered socially acceptable, and it was instilled in me at an early age that men do not wear dresses and women do. These ideas stem from transmisogyny, homophobia, strict gender roles and really salty unfashionable people. If you ask anyone why things had to be this way, would they have a practical reason for it? Or would they make up some weird gender-normative shit about women giving birth or doing housework more easily in a dress?
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

‘Moolaadé': Female Genital Mutilation And Geographical Morality
by Brigit McCone
The 18th century Irish politician Edmund Burke coined the term “geographical morality” to slam Britain’s Governor General of India, Warren Hastings, for excusing his own corruption by claiming it met Indian cultural norms. Burke fought a 10-year campaign to hold Hastings accountable for the colonial exploitation of India, under the belief that “there is no action which would pass for an act of extortion and of oppression in England, that is not an act of extortion and oppression in Europe, Asia, Africa and all the world over.” Such criticism of geographical morality challenges ideas of cultural relativism. Yet, it was Burke who debunked his peers’ assumptions about the Oriental barbarism of the Koran, by an extensive study that demonstrated that it could serve as a culturally appropriate guarantor of civil rights. He aimed to oppose geographical morality through the defense of personal liberty worldwide, while respecting established cultures rather than imposing foreign norms.
Read More at Bitch Flicks

In His Own Words: Julian Bond (1940-2015)
by Arturo R. García
The American social justice movement mourned the loss of pioneer and lawmaker Julian Bond on Saturday, after he passed away at the age of 75.
Read More at Racialicious

The progressive march of pop culture
by Tony
Hollywood, aka Tinsel Town, is home to the entertainment industry of the United States. Viewed as the land of the rich and famous, Hollywood has long been the destination for many people seeking to make a name for themselves, whether on the small-screen, the big-screen, or in the music industry. Unfortunately, with so many people looking for fame and fortune, Hollywood is a difficult industry to break into, let alone succeed in. Some groups of people have an advantage in the industry, due to a bias in their favor. This bias-which favors white, heterosexual, cisgender men-has resulted in a Hollywood that is not reflective of our culture at large. Because of this bias, members of marginalized communities-LGBT people, women, and People of Color-have greater difficulty making it in the entertainment industry. Whether in front of the cameras or behind them, on the big screens or the small ones, these groups have long been plagued by unequal treatment in Hollywood.
Read More at The Shoop's Roost

When Your Parents Stalk You
By Eleanor Skelton
Stalking is usually applied to a romantic relationship gone bad. 
This is why people hesitate to believe me when I say I’ve been stalked by my parents.
Read More at Homeschoolers Anonymous

"Black Lives Won't Matter Until Black Power Matters" Gazi Kodzo speech #BlackOutTampa

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Reading

Blade Trinity: Perspective Hurts
by L.E.H. Light
Blade: Trinity (2004) — The most maligned entry in the series, for good reason. Excuse the pun (taken from the original Blade movie), but the series had definitely gotten long in the tooth by 2004. All the amazing talent from Blade II is gone, using that movie as a stepping stone to more fertile film franchises (Hellboy, pairing del Toro and Perlman from Blade II, also came out in 2004). Wesley Snipes’ performance in this movie is so wooden he might actually be an undead vampire at this point. And Ryan Reynolds… I’ll get to Ryan Reynolds. 
Read More at Black Nerd Problems

A Pocket Guide to Alternative Menstrual Products
by Sarah Berro
I am going to give an overview of some different menstrual products that you may not have heard of. The advantages of these alternatives include the fact that they are associated with contributing less to environmental waste and are not linked to health problems, such as Toxic Shock Syndrome. So, delve in to my handy guide for those who are curious about different menstrual methods:
Read More at Zusterchap Collective

Can Nostalgia Be Sustainable?
by Sarah Nixon
More than eleven years ago I made my first account on Neopets, a browser-based virtual pet website whose gameplay centers around improving and customizing your pets, collecting, playing Flash games and trying to make it big in what’s essentially a capitalist economy. I was ten or eleven or so and devoted much of my free time (and my parents’ phone line) to playing. Neopets was a cornucopia of possibilities for me. I could try to save my money to get enough to buy a rare paint brush that would transform my Neopet into a pretty color and design. I could try to work towards getting a high score in one of their games. I could chat and make friends  and just hang out on the NeoBoards. I could explore any of the many corny but complex plotlines going on in Neopia at any given time. I could practice my writing through text-based roleplaying. I could even dabble in things like a miniature stock market, but let’s just say that I lacked the economic prowess to take those efforts very far.
Read More at Not Your Mama's Gamer

Do You Want to be Free?
by Lawrence Ware
In the introduction to 2014 Forest Hills Drive, J. Cole asks a question that is at once simple and profound. Melodically chanting like a griot at the beginning of a mythical tale, he asks the listener: "Do you want to be free?" 
Upon first glance, this seems an uncomplicated question. It is not.
Read More at New Black Man (In Exile)

Are Your Grandparents Being Served?
by Lisa Wong Macabasco
A new San Francisco program serves Chinese seniors nutritional Chinese American favorites far from the senior center.
Read More at Hyphen Magazine

ST. LOUIS BLUES. Blues Legend Bessie Smith's only film appearance. Uncut 1929

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Reading

Brown Girls Don’t Get to be Sad
by Key Ballah
“Brown girls don’t get to be sad,” she said, her face marked by disgust and disbelief.
Read More at Love, InshAllah

Three Thinks: Sex work, Gender & Feminist Dating
by Rockstar Dinosaur Princess
Patriarchy relies on women having no ownership of their own bodies.
Read More at RockstarDinosaurPrincess.com

Top 5 Dead or Alive: Samurai Jack
by Omar Holmon
You see the title. You know who’s name is in it. I don’t see what the fuck I gotta even give you an intro for. Samurai Jack put numbers on the board for Cartoon Network. Scratch that, run the track back — I don’t see what the fuck I gotta even give you an intro for. Samurai Jack put Cartoon Network on the map, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t fucking care! I’m not hearing it. The finesse of the story telling, the detail of the visuals, and the adventures were taken to a point that had Samurai Jack rocking 4 Emmys (and a multitude of awards and nominations). I was fucking with it back in high school because I got to see a person of color voiced by a person of color coming for the throne in the anime/cartoon genre at the same damn time. I was there for it then and still here for it now. Let’s just talk about why Samurai Jack has his jersey in the rafters above some of the best to ever do it.
Read More at Black Nerd Problems

Struggling With My Dominican Identity
by Roberta Nin Feliz
In September of 2013, a law was passed in the Dominican Republic that effectively caused mass deportation and displaced countless Haitians. The law ruled that children born in the DR to non-citizens didn’t qualify for citizenship because their parents — mostly Haitians — were “‘in transit,'” as the US News & World Report put it. While the Dominican Republic has claimed that the purpose of this law is to control immigration, it seems it actually stems from a long legacy of anti-Blackness in the Dominican Republic.
Read More at F Bomb

Straight Up: What Do My Crooked Teeth Say About Me?
by Amée LaTour
AS I PREPARE to apply for a PhD program and fantasize about a career at a prestigious research institution or blazing campaign trails while getting published regularly in journals and newspapers, I’m haunted by a conversation I had with a friend a few years back. He advised me to temper my career goals; I can’t expect to get too far, he said, because of my lower-middle-class background. 
I thought that was ridiculous. Who would be so trivial? And besides, how would anybody even know? 
It took me a short while to figure out that my mouth gives a fair amount of detail about my background – and not through the words that come out of it, but through the crowded tenants rooted within it.
Read More at Lady Clever

Destiny Hemphill - "What You Ain't Gonna Do" (CUPSI 2015)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Reading

Empathy Won’t Save Us In the Fight Against Oppression. Here’s Why.
by Hari Ziyad
Within 20 seconds, a bullet had sailed through Sam Dubose’s skull and his lifeless body accelerated his car toward nowhere in particular – a ghost not yet aware of no longer being alive, still desperate to run away. 
I wanted to run away, too.
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

We Already Know: White Liberal Racism Denies Black Personhood
By Danielle Fuentes Morgan
Trauma often feels inevitable for bodies of color. It is the leitmotif of life in the United States. And regardless of the safeguards we may have, either intentionally-structured or as benefit of birth, the impact is real. We often speak in terms of macroaggressions and microaggressions, terms I hesitate to use because they imply that without hoods and burning crosses the assaults should be tolerated. It feels like another way to discount the feelings of people of color—a nuanced way of telling us to get over it.
Read More at Racialicious

Hollywood Rewrites History (again)
by Cheryl Morgan
The problem with [Stonewall] is that Hollywood, being Hollywood, has found it necessary to re-write the events at Stonewall so that they center around a white, cis-normative gay man. The reality was quite different. The New York police targeted the Stonewall Inn precisely because it was a known as hangout of trans people of color. As this article in Huffington Post makes clear, what followed was at least as much a race riot as it was a gay rights riot.
Read More at Cheryl's Musings

It’s 2015. Why Is Male Nudity Still Funny?
by Aph Ko
While raising this excellent point (albeit one feminists have made before) seems like a promising start, it quickly becomes clear that this is not an earnest message, but a satirical PSA.
Read More at F Bomb

The Homeless Stereotype
by Jade Hearsum
Empathetic, caring and genuine are words I very rarely hear people use to describe the homeless. I regularly hear words like bum, low-life, and users. The classic and most painful sentence I hear is that “they bring it on themselves,” or even worse, that they “CHOOSE this life.” Trust me, I’ve slept outside for a night with just a sleeping bag, no-one would ever choose this.
Read More at Zusterschap Collective

Maimouna Youssef "Stay" Live Acoustic @ London's Jazz Cafe

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Reading

“Liberal” ≠ Get-Out-of-Everything-Free-Card
by Heina Dadabhoy
Radical liberal movements getting defensive about people of color’s specific concerns? It’s more common than you think. On the more recent end, it happened with Occupy Wall Street, and it happened with Slutwalk. And here we are. It is happening again, right before our eyes, with Bernie Sanders. 
Read more at Heinous Dealings

Cosplay Corner: Bishop Cosplay
by Carrie McClain
My name is Harry. I am from Maryland. As far as what I do, I am a Research Program Analyst with the government. In my spare time, I enjoy comics and gaming. Gaming-wise right now, I am deep into The Witcher 3, still trying to get into Batman: Arkham Knight (I think it’s overrated) and running through my 4th season of FIFA 15. That reminds me, I am a big footy fan. My favorite teams are Manchester United and DC United.
Read More at Black Nerd Problems

‘Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom': Childhood Is the Pits
by Brigit McCone
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the coolest kids’ movie ever made about severe child abuse. Just as Roald Dahl’s Matilda does for daughters and mothers, so The Temple of Doom affirms that the good father must empower his son, and defends the child’s right to reject and resist abusive behavior. Critics who strive to dismiss the film as the original trilogy’s “weakest” often snark about the allegedly annoying chirpiness of Ke Huy Quan’s heartfelt performance. I suspect they are actually uncomfortable that Spielberg’s film narratively centers Short Round as its protagonist, while casually assuming that an adult audience identify with him. From his hero-worship of Indy to his glee at the film’s thrill rides, Short Round’s emotional responses cue our own, including an assumed desire to break up kissing couples and see squealing girls get giant millipedes down the back of their necks.
Read More at Bitch Flicks

How To Be A Good Ally To Sexual Assault Survivors
by Jasbina Misir
What I really need you to understand right now is that I know what is best for me.  Every survivor knows their own experience very deeply, and every survivor is the expert on how they need to heal. You don’t get to tell a survivor that they are handling their assault in the wrong way; that is absolutely not up to you.
Read More at The Belle Jar

Beyond "Cuckservative": The Right-wing's Racial Castration Anxieties and President Obama's "BBC'"
by Chauncey DeVega
Humans are social beings. Humans invented politics in order to manage conflict and decide how resources should be distributed in society. It is almost inevitable then that politics would become a stage on to which we project some of the most basic — and base — parts of the self.
Read More at ChaunceyDeVega.com

Anatomy of a Script with Larry Wilmore - Part 1

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Reading

Obscene Phone Calls and Emails
by Joan Schmelz
I’ve been dealing with sexual harassment via phone calls and email by an astronomer, and I believe this originated with a colloquium that I gave in the spring. The harassment continued for months, culminating in me reporting it to his university, but no evidence was found and the case was dismissed. I remain incredibly frustrated, and also scared, and hope that by writing this post I might identify others who are victims of harassment by this same person. I have provided a lot of detail in this post, as I think it will be helpful, but have not included the name of the university or astronomer who I believe is responsible, as I know these allegations carry serious repercussions.
Read More at Women in Astronomy

The Thirtysomething Single
by Tanzila Ahmed
The phone rang, waking me from deep morning slumber. Naturally, I don’t pick up, though when I see the number my heart skips a beat.
Love, InshAllah

Racism Made Me Who I Am Today
by Ellen Oh
When I was a little girl, I was already very aware of what racism was. It felt like the cigarette burn to my flesh by the high school girl who called me a dirty chink. I was eight years old.What do you think?
Read More at Racialicious

The undeserved derision of one-woman shows
by Megan Stodel
I have a gift of prescience. Not always, unfortunately – I can generally be relied upon to leave my umbrella behind on the one day of the week that it rains, and while I wouldn’t mind making a few million at the bookies, my success rate with the occasional flutter remains within the realms of statistical mediocrity. However, I have an uncanny ability to predict the reaction I will get when I tell people I’m off to see a one-woman show. Arguably, this is less to do with my spiritual gifts and more to do with the fact that they are almost always the same. As soon as the phrase is uttered, I am on the receiving end of a pained wince.
Read More at The F Word

BlackLivesMatter Activists: Targets of US Surveilence
by Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo
According to a recent investigation by The Intercept, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have launched state-sponsored surveillance against BlackLivesMatter activists as a component of safeguarding the homeland, i.e., the fight against terrorism. State-sponsored surveillance of civil rights activists started with the resistance movement that was prompted by the killing of unarmed Michael Brown. According to this report “the department frequently collects information, including location data, on Black Lives Matter activities from public social media accounts, including on Facebook, Twitter, and Vine, even for events expected to be peaceful.” The report verifies that the surveillance community utilized social media as an important tool, specifically in “Ferguson, Baltimore, Washington, DC and New York.“
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Danez Smith - "Dinosaurs in the Hood"

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Reading

I’m Jewish But I Don’t Support Israel — And Neither Should Any Jew Dedicated To Social Justice
by Tessara Dudley
If there’s a faster way to be reviled in the United States media than denouncing Israel, I’m not sure I know it. The US government has a long-term, committed relationship with the Israeli government, including foreign aid and military support. While some on the far-left speak critically about the problems of Israel, the bulk of politicians and many citizens openly support its existence. Criticizing it is one of the fastest ways to have the word anti-Semite thrown at you.
Read More at Black Girl Dangerous

Why I’m Boycotting Marvel Comics
by J.A. Micheline
Marvel, you and I are taking a break. 
It’s not me; it’s you — and you made the decision really easy.
Read More at Comics Alliance

Vintage Viewing: Zora Neale Hurston, Open Observer
By Brigit Mccone
Caribbean-American comedian Bert Williams became the first Black artist to write, produce, direct and star in a film, with 1916’s A Natural Born Gambler, having already broken boundaries as writer-star of In Dahomey (1902), the first Black musical on Broadway. Williams’ performances exploited the blackface conventions of his age to be acceptable to a wider audience, while illuminating them with humanity and subversive subtext, as he continually fought for greater creative control. At the climax of A Natural Born Gambler, his character plays an imaginary poker game in prison. By losing, even in his own fantasy, Williams makes virtuoso mime into poignant commentary on internalized stigma, also the theme of his hit song, “Nobody,” from the 1906 musical Abyssinia.
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The reality of work and our bodies
One of the great lines that gets trotted out during the sex work debate is the line about the difference between sex work and ‘real’ work is that real workers sell their labour, while sex workers sell their bodies... I like the idea that somehow, when you’re selling your labour, you’re not selling your body. It conjours up an image of a gleaming pristine world where everyone looks like the cast of the original Rollerball movie, wearing gleaming suits of man made fibres and floating around a head office building that looks like a university campus.
Read More at Sometimes It's Just a Cigar

Shutting Off the Gaslight
by Aphra Behn
Here is a thing about recovering from intimate partner abuse: it is not as simple as mere physical removal from the abuser. 
Abusers are some of the most persuasive people in the world. Over time, they can build an impressive edifice explaining their own behavior as perfectly normal, your relationship with them as really quite good (or at least as good as you deserve), your friends as inferior, and your own behavior the real problem. Etc.
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Ambuya - Wezi

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Reading

Explaining Islam to Cab Drivers
by Bina Shah
I was in a London taxi cab yesterday; the driver listened to me speaking to my mother, and then asked us where we were from. We told him we were from Pakistan, so his next question was:  “In your culture, are men allowed to have more than one wife?” (I knew the word “culture” was shorthand for “religion”)
Read More at A Season for Writers

Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, & Shifting Identities
by CG
In case you haven’t heard the news: Barbara Gordon has been confirmed to have a role in Batman v. Superman, in the form of actress Jena Malone. But what’s even more exciting about this news, especially on the heels of the news of “The Killing Joke” coming to the small screen, is that it gives us hope on the state of feminism in nerd culture.
Read More at Black Girl in Media

The Women of the ‘Mission Impossible’ Franchise
by Robin Hitchcock 
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is kicking it at the box office and getting great reviews. And I can confirm that it is fantastic. If you like action movies or spy thrillers at all, you should see it. You’ll love it. But after you see it, I would like to spoil your fun by unfurling my feminist criticism.
Read More at Bitch Flicks

To All The Girls I Met In The Club Toilets
by Natasha Price

Hello, all of the ladies I met in toilets at 2am, I’ve been thinking about you.
Read More at Zusterchap Collective

Why I Stayed In an Abusive Relationship — and How I Finally Left
by Christine L
It seems like a simple question and it’s one that’s often posed when people learn others are experiencing abuse. Leaving seems like the most obvious solution to outsiders. But as somebody who has experienced domestic violence, let me tell you: it’s not.
Read More at The F Bomb

Flash is Dead!!

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